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We’re Koch, a Lincoln dealership on the Southside of Edmonton! We’ve been here since 1965, and we're proud to have grown up with the city! We worked hard to be the first dealership to offer Edmontonians a true online car buying experience. 

Why Should You Buy A Vehicle On Our Website?

We know you are tech savvy; you spend hours online researching vehicles, visiting multiple dealer websites, and comparing prices. We built our website with you in mind.

On our website you can lock-in any vehicle with the "Hold With Deposit" tool, create a vehicle wishlist, or calculate your monthly payment. We also offer free pick-up and delivery, that means we drive the vehicle to your home - where you can test drive the vehicle in your neighbourhood.

We are the closet you can get to an "Amazon" experience for buying a car online, give it a try!

How Does The “Hold With Deposit" Work?

If you're interested in a vehicle, and want to reserve it - then we recommend Hold With Deposit. This will put the vehicle on hold for 24 hours, allowing you to book a test drive, address any potential questions may have with the vehicle.

Holds require a refundable authorization of 1% of the total cost of the vehicle. An authorization hold will be secured on the credit card provided, the process is similar to renting a car or hotel room.

If you decide to buy the vehicle, the "Hold With Deposit" can be applied to the sale. If you change your mind, we'll give your money back. All holds are 100% refundable and risk free, try it today!

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Lincoln Navigator

5 Ways We keep It Simple & Honest.

Is The Koch Lincoln Website Secure and Encrypted?

Yes, Koch Lincoln is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant for credit card processing, which means that our website adheres to the highest standards on payment processing. That’s hard to beat, because we use the same level of encryption used by banks to keep your information secure. On Koch Lincoln you can buy a vehicle online, safely.

What Is PCI?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a security standard for organizations that handle credit and debit card information. The standard was created to increase controls around payment data to reduce fraud.

If you want to sell online and accept payments from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover, your software and hosting needs to be PCI compliant.

Frequently Asked Question

Money Back Guarantee On All Holds

All "Hold With Deposit" have a money back guarantee and are risk free. If you're interested in a vehicle, then we recommend you put a 24hr hold on it. A tool like “deposit’ allows you to put a hold on a vehicle with just a 1% deposit (whereas other dealers require a $2500 deposit). Holds require a refundable authorization on your credit card, and if you change your mind, we'll return your money. After you place a hold, we will contact you to confirm your interest in the vehicle. At that time, you can schedule a test drive or a viewing of the vehicle. If you don't like what you see, you are not committed to purchase the vehicle

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